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A View from Arthur's Seat

60 Morningside Drive, Blackford Hill and the Meadows

The area where David Maxwell-Fyfe was born and brought up was very significant to him. His inspiration from the city of Edinburgh established his beliefs and who was later to become. His first home was 60 Morningside Drive as he says in his autobiography 'I was born on May 29th, 1900, at 60 Morningside Drive.' However as we discovered when we went to find and film the locations that were meaningful to him for the film, Under an English Heaven, the house that he was born in, is now demolished. On Morningside Drive,there are house numbers 58 and 59 and 61 and 62, but no number 60. When we visited it, the street was residential and leafy and the other houses still standing either side gave us an idea of how his first house might have been.

Not far from where he was first born in Morningside is Blackford Hill and the Meadows where he spent many of his childhood hours. He writes in his autobiography '...we lived in various houses over the years near the Meadows, which was a delightful place for rugger, cricket, snowballing and the thousand other activities of small boys.' The Meadows are used for the same purposes today and are overshadowed by the imposing Castle on one side and Arthurs Seat on the other.

Maxwell-Fyfe spent many happy hours on Blackford Hill as a boy as he recalls in his autobiography '...the sunshine and laughter on Blackford Hill where I played and dreamed...' It is less well-known cousin of Arthur's Seat and they sit at opposite sides of the city. The view from Blackford Hill is stunning, sweeping around the Castle, Arthur's Seat and the city with the sea in the distance in one panorama. On our visits, it is quite unchanged from Maxwell-Fyfe's time with children playing and dreaming, flying kites and playing football, and dogs and their owners enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

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58 - 61 Morningside Drive (excluding 60)

'The light plays clearly on my Edinburgh Childhood. The influence of the old city was all-pevading.'
from David Maxwell-Fyfe's autobiography, Political Adventure

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Panorama from Arthur's Seat edit

Panoramic View from Arthur's Seat

'...the semi-sinister romanticism of Holyrood squatting glumly in the midst of the most dreadful slums...the glorious vistas from Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags, all are etched indelibly upon my memory.'
from David Maxwell-Fyfe's autobiography, Political Adventure

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Pan Castle edit

Edinburgh Castle from the Princes Street Gardens

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